and GRI Index

This report is based on the IPIECA/API/IOGP Oil & Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting with additional indicators informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The index below lists indicators on which we have fully or partially reported.

  IPIECA/API/IOGP Indicators GRI G4 Indicators
About This Report   G4-2, G4-7, G4-20, G4-22, G4-28, G4-29, G4-30, G4-31, G4-33
Marathon Oil at a Glance   G4-3, G4-4, G4-5, G4-6, G4-8, G4-9, G4-17
CEO Message E6, E8, HS1, HS3, SE1, SE4 G4-1, G4-2, G4-13
A Message from our Board   G4-1, G4-2, G4-48
Performance Summary E1, E2, E9, HS3, SE4, SE15  G4-9, G4-22, G4-EC1, G4-LA12
Performance Metrics E1, E2, E6, E9, HS3, HS5, SE4, SE14, SE15 G4-10, G4-22, G4-EN5, G4-EN8, G4-EN15, G4-EN16, G4-EN18, G4-EN21, G4-EN24, G4-LA6, G4-LA12, G4-SO6
Stakeholder Engagement Map SE1, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE8, SE10, SE13, SE14, SE17, SE18, HS1, HS2, E6, E8  G4-24, G4-26, G4-27
Management Systems HS1, HS2  G4-34, G4-46, G4-47
IPIECA/API/IOGP and GRI Index   G4-32
Management Approach   G4-DMA, G4-34, G4-37, G4-38, G4-39, G4-40, G4-41, G4-45, G4-49, G4-51, G4-53
Performance SE11, SE14  
Ethical Business Practices SE9, SE11, SE12, SE13, SE18 G4-56, G4-57, G4-58, G4-SO3, G4-SO4
Political Contributions and Lobbying Activities SE14 G4-16, G4-SO6
Sustainability Oversight SE1  G4-26, G4-34, G4-35, G4-36, G4-42, G4-43, G4-44, G4-46, G4-48
Management Approach SE1, SE4 G4-DMA
Performance SE1, SE4 G4-26
Local Content: Procurement SE5, SE6, SE7, HS1, HS2 G4-EC8, G4LA-10
Security and Human Rights SE1, SE8 G4-15
Social Investment SE1, SE4, HS2 G4-EC7
Stakeholder Engagement SE1, SE5, SE7 G4-25, G4-26, G4-SO1
Management Approach E6, E8, E9, SE1 G4-DMA, G4-26
Performance E1 G4-EN3, G4-EN15, G4-EN16
Climate Change and Emissions Management E1, E4, E8 G4-EN5, G4-EN15, G4-EN16, G4-EN17, G4-EN18, G4-EN19, G4-EN21
Decommissioning E11, SE1  
Emissions Methodology, Performance and Metrics E1, E2, E4, E8   
Land Stewardship E5  
Oil Spill Prevention and Response E9 G4-EN24
Water Management E6 G4-EN8, G4-EN10 
Hydraulic Fracturing E1, E4, E6, E10, HS4 G4-15, G4-27, G4-EN27
Seismicity E10, HS4, SE1 G4-DMA 
Safety and Workforce
Management Approach HS1 G4-DMA, G4-LA11
Performance HS1, HS3 G4-LA6
Safety Programs HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, SE17 G4-LA6, GR-PR3
Workforce Health HS1, HS2, HS4, SE1, SE4 G4-LA7
Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities HS1, SE1  G4-16
Workforce SE15, SE17, SE18 G4-10, G4-LA1
Diversity and Inclusion SE15 G4-LA12
Training and Development SE16, SE17, HS1   
FEATURE stories

Climate Change and Emissions Management

E1, E4, E8 G4-EN5, G4-EN15, G4-EN16, G4-EN17, G4-EN18, G4-EN19, G4-EN21

Hurricane Harvey Response

SE1, SE4  
Digital Oilfield Capabilities SE6, SE17  
Bringing Progress to Equatorial Guinea SE1, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE10, SE13, HS1, HS2, HS3, HS5, E9, E10 G4-LA7, G4-S02, G4-EC1